Legal note. Terms of use


The Aeronautical Meteorological Self-service (AMA) is a web server of aeronautical meteorological information provided by the Spanish Meteorological Agency (AEMET), exclusively intended for aeronautical users.


The following users are considered as aeronautical users: operators, flight crew members, air traffic services, search and rescue services, airport management and others concerned with the conduct or development of international air navigation.


The institutional products supplied by AMA are not free for every user, but they are accessible without charges to the aeronautical users.


Texts and graphical displays, their presentation and structure in AMA and, in general terms, all the documents contained in AMA are the property of AEMET and are covered by a licence agreement. They constitute elaborated documentation or elements of databases protected by the national laws of countries world-wide and by international treaties.


Any use of the information contained in AMA for commercial purposes is prohibited.


The information obtained and elaborated by AEMET is made with the best reliability that it is possible with the current technological level. Particularly, the meteorological forecasts describe the most probable evolution of the atmospheric conditions, subject to the technical and scientific knowledge on this matter. 


AEMET declines any responsibility on the damages of any nature that could be caused by the unavailability of use, access, loss of benefits derived from the information contained in this server, and all that might be in the origin of the damage.


AEMET declines any responsibility on the damages that could be caused by the interpretation or bad use of the information made available to the aeronautical users in this web.


AEMET has the right to modify these conditions in any moment.


AEMET has the right to modify, add or eliminate the information contained in this web site.


All the rights that are not granted in the terms of this legal note are reserved to AEMET.